Periscope + Twitter

Using Periscope with Twitter to grow your business

So, I have been on Periscope since 16 June 2015. I decided that I would get on it because I wanted to be able to connect with my favourite female coaches. What I didn’t realise is the implications of being able to reach out to people. So, I have been able to extend my reach […]

How to profit from your increased social media influence from going viral

How to maintain your social influence after going viral

Congratulations! You’ve got your social media channel hooting along. You’re gaining followers, you’re getting great feedback, you’re interacting, and you’re closing sales. Now keep it up! You’ve got to keep paddling to stay on the wave. You’ve got to maintain your social influence. Businesses will hit gold and get a spike of social influence. The […]

The importance of being

What use are client testimonials?

Let’s talk testimonials. So many businesses use them and many of us are wary of them. But honestly, what use are they? How can asking someone to give feedback on how you helped or changed them make a difference? The difference for you I honestly hope that you take heed of the feedback, good bad […]

Problems with listening to US Facebook experts when you are an Australian Online Business

Overwhelmed by Facebook advice

It’s not surprising that business owners feel overwhelmed or lost in a sea of Facebook or website advice. There are so many people out there telling you what to do. I admit that I’ve been sucked into it too. I remember getting on a call about how to be a social media manager only to […]


Believe trust connect build

Who’d a thunk it, I have belief and trust issues. Me, the psych graduate! Me, the one who teaches you to set goals, know your ideal client. Me! Oh my god! Boy did I get pushed on this in a group coaching session I had last weekend. I didn’t trust that I could run my […]

busting online beliefs to make business easier - write to right

Bust business beliefs

Alright, it gets to the point where a girl has to bust some business beliefs floating around the interwebs. This week, there are a couple of BS posts I want to bust. The first is about blogging and the second about Facebook posts. There are an optimal number of words for a blog post I […]

The three word elevator pitch - Write to Right

Three words to your elevator pitch

The Rule of Three – I love it. I learnt it in art. I apply it to visual layouts. Did you know that you can use the rule of three in business? (Especially in your elevator pitch) The rule of three for business is something I learnt in a “Think on your feet “ course […]