Business performance review

Thanks for visiting Write to Right, you may want to subscribe to my website. Thanks for visiting!Last week I mentioned that planning for the coming year should include a review of the year just passed. I thought, since this will be my last post of 2014, that I would honour it with its own post. […]

Planning for 2015

Goals, missions, visions. All worthwhile documents (or boards, let’s not restrict ourselves), however missions and visions are all just words without actions. Tweet this Ironic, considering last week’s post was just on that topic. I am yet to meet a business owner who does not want to grow in one way or another. Some may want […]

Getting closer to meeting your customer needs

  Where do your mission and visions cross? Are there any common words or themes? Where does you ideal customer meet with your mission? With your vision? When do you meet the customer needs? If you are unsure of any of these things, head back over to the previous posts and read more about how […]

The glorification of ing & the power of being

I remarked to a friend that last week was quite strange. A number of fellow business owners were outwardly struggling with depression, anxiety, cyber-bullying, lack of sales, and generally just feeling funky. I have to admit, I was one of them. Now we couldn’t answer the world’s problems in our five minute walk from the […]

Business mission & vision statement & core values

In the previous posts, I spoke about defining your ideal client and your core business values. These are your defining ‘who’s, who are you working for and who you are. They are also key start and end points in your business, where you are working from and to. You need to get these definitions out […]

Define your business core values

My last blog post was all about getting to know your ideal client. When you understand the ‘who’ it gives you something to aim for, but with what are you aiming? Do you know why you are spending your time in it? What drives you and your business? What are your goals or ambitions? What […]

Define your ideal client avatar

A while ago I wrote about finding your online voice. While all of it is important, there is one step that I am finding businesses either struggle with or skip altogether – defining their ideal client. Now, I grew up with the adage: You can please some of the people some of the time, you […]

Quality, heart-centred online business

In my last blog post, I wrote about how I kept my online presence whilst I was on holidays. Now, during those four weeks I not only had a marvelous time, I received a shot of clarity. See, I thought I knew what was at the heart of Write to Right, seems there is something […]

Hints to maintain business social media while on holiday

Ever wonder how you will keep your social media followers engaged whilst on holiday, while ill, during peak periods, or even when you need some time away from your devices? My family and I have just returned from a four-week overseas holiday (I feel refreshed and with a clearer direction for both of my businesses) […]