TEDx lessons for live streaming

Take aways from TEDx for Livestreamers

On November 21st I took a step closer to my goal of speaking at TEDx, I attended the live event in my hometown. It was an exciting, adrenaline pumping morning – with a buzzing, bustling throng of people waiting to get into the event. After seven hours of speakers, I walked away with a full […]

Key to media pitches and PR Kellie Obrien

How to win at media pitches

Kellie O’Brien spent 16 years in print journalism in Tasmania, writing everything from hard news stories through to international celebrity features. During her career she’s led newspaper campaigns, been a magazine editor, chief of staff, chief copy sub editor and photographer. She also had a regular guest spot on commercial radio and hosted and spoke at […]

time management for start ups

Do you struggle with time management?

Do you struggle with your time management? Are you sitting comfortably? Let me tell you a short story… Once upon a time I was working fulltime in the Australian Public Service, I was travelling interstate every three months , I was also studying my Masters of Public Sector Management (and MBA for public service), one […]

twitter for live stream

Twitter basics for Live Streaming

When it comes to the Twitter basics for live stream, if you do nothing else, just do the first two steps and you will be set up & ahead of the crowd. These two steps are key as the information you provide, on Twitter, in these steps are pulled through to the Periscope & Blab […]

Community online

Community – does it need to be redefined?

This week we discuss the definition of Community and if it has changed with online and live streaming. During the Blab, I asked the same questions on Twitter. You can participate by searching the tag #PsychologyofSM and answering the questions. If you prefer to be prepared, here are the questions: Q1 Does your idea of […]

Client beliefs

Using beliefs to build better client relationships

When you share a belief with your client, you have a connection. You have a shared understanding, you understand each other at a certain level. It is this understanding that underpins and can begin your relationship. Perhaps it begins a dialogue. This can continue to take the form of knowing , then to liking & […]

psychology of social media

Psychology of social media – Introduction

Let’s get this out there off the bat, at the other side of your social media activities is a person. You are educating, entertaining, & enticing a person. If you want your efforts to be effective then you are best served by understanding their psychology & the psychology of social media. Why? Because at the […]

Authenticity in your online business by Write to Right


Authenticity is quickly becoming the next big thing online. With a mass of marketing coming at us everyday through our phones, computers, tablets, radios, & televisions – it’s not surprising that businesses are looking to new ways to influence buyer behaviour. Authenticity is, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is something that is made ‘in a […]