Spring clean you business for selling season - write to right

Spring clean your business

It’s Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and I know I am clearing out the clutter around the house. But have you ever thought to Spring clean your business? Clear out the cobwebs, peak under the couch, and shake out the rugs. But why & how? You make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, save […]

Overcoming digital overwhelm

Dealing with digital overwhelm

Last week I wrote about FOMO and how social media changes our brain chemistry to elicit the fear of missing out. This week I am sharing some tips I have used over time to reduce my feeling of overwhelm. As a social media manager, I need to be across the platforms my clients would use. […]

FOMO Blab Periscope Meerkat

FOMO and social media

FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is a common phenomenon in our information and digital economy. Some people wear it as a badge of honour, whereas others it is the first step towards overwhelm and the gripping need for a digital detox. Fear is an important emotion and it serves us when keeping us safe. […]

blog ideas

What to do when you are lost for blog ideas.

I admit that some weeks, I am pulling blog ideas out of thin air at the eleventh hour. With two blogs for two distinct businesses, I have used a variety of prompts to help me blog consistently throughout the years. Why I blog I blog for my website’s benefit. I blog purely to keep my […]

Periscope + Twitter

Using Periscope with Twitter to grow your business

So, I have been on Periscope since 16 June 2015. I decided that I would get on it because I wanted to be able to connect with my favourite female coaches. What I didn’t realise is the implications of being able to reach out to people. So, I have been able to extend my reach […]

How to profit from your increased social media influence from going viral

How to maintain your social influence after going viral

Congratulations! You’ve got your social media channel hooting along. You’re gaining followers, you’re getting great feedback, you’re interacting, and you’re closing sales. Now keep it up! You’ve got to keep paddling to stay on the wave. You’ve got to maintain your social influence. Businesses will hit gold and get a spike of social influence. The […]

The importance of being

What use are client testimonials?

Let’s talk testimonials. So many businesses use them and many of us are wary of them. But honestly, what use are they? How can asking someone to give feedback on how you helped or changed them make a difference? The difference for you I honestly hope that you take heed of the feedback, good bad […]

Problems with listening to US Facebook experts when you are an Australian Online Business

Overwhelmed by Facebook advice

It’s not surprising that business owners feel overwhelmed or lost in a sea of Facebook or website advice. There are so many people out there telling you what to do. I admit that I’ve been sucked into it too. I remember getting on a call about how to be a social media manager only to […]